Authentic Indian Restaurant Surya

Authentic Indian Restaurant Amsterdam

Surya restaurant Amsterdam offers you an excellent selection of Indian, Nepalese and Oriental cuisine, with unexpected and adventurous flavors. The choice of fresh ingredients and pure craftsmanship offer you the quality that Surya is known for. From meat and fish dishes, enriched with curry, masala and tandoori, to vegetarian specialties. Restaurant Surya promises to take you on a culinary journey that resonates the emotion and atmosphere of India, the land of infinite diversity.

The Indian and Nepalese cuisine of Surya Restaurant includes a variety of regional cuisines in India and Nepal. The different cuisines use herbs, vegetables and fruits that are available locally, which makes Indian and Nepalese food very diverse. A well-known dish like chicken tikka masala prepared in the tandoor oven has conquered the world. Less known is that the Indian and Nepalese cuisine is also strongly influenced by religion.

Vegetarian food is very normal in the Indian community. Islamic influences from the Mongolian period and Persian influences have made contemporary Indian cuisine what it is today. The Indian and Nepalese cuisine are constantly evolving, especially through interaction with different communities.

Historical events such as the British occupation, the lively trade relations between India and the rest of the world and colonialism have also brought important food types and eating habits to India. For example, potatoes, chili peppers and breadfruit were imported to India by the Portuguese. Indian cuisine has also had an impact on other international cuisines. Indian spices, for example, were exchanged for opium and rubber all over the world. It has also had a strong influence on the Southeast Asian countries and the Caribbean.

Surya restaurant Amsterdam also offers you very high quality wines that have been specially selected for you and will fit perfectly with the Indian and Nepalese dishes that the Chefs of Surya prepare for you. All wines can be served by the glass or by the bottle, and the same goes for the bustling Prosecco. And of course different Gin Tonics.

For more information and reservations feel free to contact Indian Restaurant Surya Amsterdam. Phone: +31206767985  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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    Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday: 5 pm - midnight.
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    The Kitchen is open until 10.30 p.m.

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